Healthy Eating: Food You Need to Stay Fit

One of the foundations of wellness is having a well-balanced diet. For some people,however,diet is often synonymous to cutting back on the amount of food they eat. While quantity does have a role on diet,quality is something you should also pay attention to.

What types of food should you eat to stay fit? Here are some:

1. Green and Leafy Vegetables

Remember when they taught you in school how you should always eat your vegetables? It still rings true even when you’re all grown up. Children may need five servings of vegetables every day,while adults may have five to six. So,if you’re looking for the best diet meal plan delivery service,be sure they have a hearty serving of those veggies.

2. Whole Grains

Some people avoid grains because they want to avoid the calories and carbs. However,there are grains that you shouldn’t completely take out of your diet. These are whole grains such as oats,quinoa,and brown rice. These are high in fiber and other nutrients that help in keeping you healthy and fit.

3. Lean Meat,Tofu,and Poultry

These are your protein sources,which are good for building your muscles. Lean meat and poultry also contain fewer calories than other types of meat. These also have other nutrients such as iron,vitamins,and fatty acids. Some experts recommend having one to three servings of lean meat every day.

4. Fruits

Are all fruits good for you? It’s important to check with your nutritionist because some fruits may be high in sugar and calories. Some,on the other hand,may supplement you with the right nutrients. And,no,canned fruit juices don’t count.

Keep track of what you eat every day. Have a food diary so you can better plan your meals. Before anything else,though,consult an expert,dietician,or nutritionist to make sure you’re eating right.

For more information,visit: NOSH

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