4 Questions That Will Find The Perfect Tutor For Your Child

Picking the right tutor is the defining factor for your child’s understanding of the subject,which is why you should worry about getting the perfect teacher before anything.

If your child does not find peace of mind while learning,can’t keep up with the teacher’s energic style,feels discouraged every time he fails,or simply doesn’t like the teacher,then he can study all day long and still not understand the particular subject.

That said,your main goal as a parent is to find a professor who’s personality and teaching style match with your child’s characteristics and learning style.

A suitable professor is someone who can help your kid understand:

1. What the subject really is about
2. How it is applied to the real world,andâ ¦
3. How to use the gained knowledge to make changes in his life.

In other words,a good teacher is capable of making your child connect with a specific topic on a deeper level than just plain words and meaningless equations.

With that in mind,in this article,we are going to cover the 4 questions you must seek an answer for,before picking someone as the tutor of your child.

1 – What is the teacher’s level of expertise in the specific subject?

As obvious as it might sound,first and foremost,you have to check if the tutor knows his profession well. By saying he has to know his profession well,we mean he must have a much larger range of knowledge than your child’s course level.

Of course,knowing all about the fundamentals of algebra and calculus will be enough to teach your toddler,but for the instructor to be able to make him connect and really understand the meaning behind the learned matter,the instructor’s area of expertise must be many levels above that matter.

How to check the teacher’s knowledge?

Now that we made that clear,how exactly can you properly check the teacher’s knowledge if you haven’t done any calculus or algebra in so many years? In this case,you can check if the person has majored in the subject he is teaching about.

Pay close attention though,even if he did not major,check whether he has any experience teaching that specific class,there are many good teachers who didn’t get to major in their class but are perfectly capable of teaching students and get results.

As we talked about before,the professor must have a depth of knowledge in levels above your child’s. So,going with our math example,if your teen is studying pre-algebra,the tutor must have a mastery in the whole algebra. Only then he will be able to explain the essence behind various concepts.

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2 – How good are the teacher’s pedagogical skills?

Now,it’s not news that knowing your thing well doesn’t necessarily make you a good tutor,which is why you’ll have to check the pedagogical abilities of your kid’s teacher. To do so,you must search for:

  • Proof that the professor is capable of teaching complex matters simply and efficiently
  • Evidence of working with different types of learners
  • Teachers with a passion for their class

A passionate teacher will always take the time to patiently explain to your kid a concept in as many ways as necessary. A true educator has a great passion for helping others understand. To find whether the teacher is passionate or not,you could observe a class lesson from him when he does a meeting with another student.

3 – What do his tutoring results say?

The best proof of a tutor’s pedagogical skills is his teaching results. Good teaching results mean former students of him who developed admirable results in terms of grades,accomplishments,and understanding in the subject they studied.

To get a good glance at a teacher’s tutoring results,you can check his track record of students. If the respective teacher works for a private teaching company,you can ask for his record,there you will have all the necessary information to determine if the teacher is an effective tutor or not.

On the other hand,if there is no company involved,the best way to look at his results is to personally contact his former students and ask them how his teachings worked out for them and whether his pedagogical abilities speak out or not.

4 – Does the teacher’s personality match with your child’s?

Last but not least,the instructor MUST be on your child’s liking. In order to achieve great results,the teacher and the student need to develop a good teacher-student relationship to freely communicate with each other,and most importantly to match their personalities.

Similar personalities can be crucial for their relationship,an introvert,calm child,for example,will not be able to keep up with an energetic authoritative teacher. Alike teaching and learning styles are proven to produce better results overall. If your child likes the tutor and feels comfortable with him,then that teacher is a good choice for him.

Next time you have to find a suited teacher for your child,pick one who scores well with all of these 4 questions and you’ll get the perfect teacher.

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