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Basic of Teer Game and Teer Result

Archery is an old game played in India for several years. The arrow that used in archery is known as “teer” in Hindi. And today teer is a famous game of North-East states of India. The bow is used to hit the target. It provides elasticity to the arrow. The bow constructed from a piece of flexible material with a cord connecting both ends of the strip to offer tension. Due to it, the arrow drove linear direction with a sharp-edged point on one end or flints and feathers connected on the other end.

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teer game

Archery competitions held either outdoors or indoors. The indoor game ranges are 18 m and 25 m, and the outdoor distances range between 30 m to 90m with regards to the ranking. For Olympics, 70 m range utilized.

Levels of competition divided into ends. Here an archer shoots either three or 6 arrows per end, according to the type of round. For an indoor game, 20 ends of three arrows used in a round. Outdoor competition usually shot more arrows per round. In the end, the contestants walk up to the target to score and regain their arrows.

Teer Ranges and Targets

Teer Targets painted with ten concentric rings with even space, which have score values from 1 to 10 as per distance from the center. Teer Targets are colored as follows:

  • Innermost nine rings & 10 ring: gold/10X ring/the Bull’s-eye.
  • Seven rings & 8 rings: red
  • Five rings & 6 rings: blue
  • Three rings & 4 rings: black
  • Outermost one ring & 2 rings: white

teer result

Teer game have to shoot their arrows in a set time limit. For indoor competition, the time limit is 2 minutes for three arrows. Signaling devices such as flags prompt or lights used to indicate the players when it’s time to pull.

Teer Result Today Updates

Teer is a very innovative lottery game based in Meghalaya, but with it, many Assamese people also participate in this. Similar to other state lotteries, teer game has its features and rules. It played on every day except Sunday, and at the end of the game, winners declared for a particular number known as teer lottery.

Most of the Indian people can assume the game from its name: teer. It is related to archery and the teer result or outcome decided by the archers to find out the lucky winner in a very innovative way. Let’s take a look on it in deep.

Rules of participation in Teer Lottery:

If you want to buy a ticket to try your luck, then the rules are simple. However, there is no calculation or chart behind selecting the number. You have to purchase a ticket with a number from 1 to 100. The price ranges from Rs. 20 to Rs. 80. You have to register a number with the ticket of the lottery. Note that at the end of the game if you win then to collect your money, you have to bring the receipt with you, because without it, you will not be eligible to take your winning money.

How Are The Winners Chosen At Teer Counter?

Again, there is the thrill in it, too. In Assam teer, deciding the winners of the lotteries are not so dull like other. Winners not selected from the bucket or spin wheel; the method is entirely different. Winner decided by “Teer.”

How Teer Decides The Luck?

Every day many people buy tickets by picking the number. Around 4:00 PM and 4:30 PM, a group of teer players, comes in the ground known as polo ground.

The archers play on behalf of different teer club of Shillong. Twenty players from the clubs hit the target with the arrow set at a 20m distance. So from the three clubs total 60 archers hit arrows at the target.

Once the game starts, all the archers try to mark their arrows quickly at a rapid sequence. As soon as the time finishes, the officials cover the target and then count the number of arrows. At last, they declare the result. The winner gets 1X to 60X of the amount that he/she spend while buying the ticket.

How Teer Results or number declared?

  • The process declaring number and selecting a lucky winner is unique.
  • First, the number of arrows hit to the by each club is count.
  • Then all arrows of each club collect together and make a bunch.
  • The last arrow of each club is throwing on the ground.
  • After counting all arrows, the winning number is declared. For example, the total number of arrows hit the target are 1563 then the winning number is 63. So they consider the last two digits as a resulting number.

Note: This game played in two halves. The gameplay of both rounds is the same.

Teer Formula:

You can Predict Teer counter with simple mathematical calculation and may win the game. The process is easy, and it only needs to sum of few numbers. Take a look on the calculation from below:
First of all, collect the result of the previous day from the respective state. For example, if you want to play in Juwai teer then obtain the result of Juwai.

Now sum up all the result of both halves. The addition calculation goes from the right-hand side to the left-hand side, and the addition will stop until you get a single number.

Add all numbers step by step like 2+3+4+5+8+7=29>>2+9=11>>1+1=2.

More About Teer:

It’s an interesting story, and we are sure many of us don’t about this type game played in India as the course is way high on the Khasi hills and a significant distance to cover to encounter this awesome thing.

The State Government of Meghalaya legalized teer lottery in 1982. First citizens of Meghalaya took part in this but after 2000’s Assamese also started taking an interest in it and gradually it becomes one of the most popular in the North East state. Today more than 50000 people buy tickets of the Teer lottery daily and keep trying their luck!


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